Visual Vibrations

Visual Vibrations is a multimedia project developed through an experimental research aiming to explore interactive relations between sound, color, shape, image and movement. Crossing-over different cultures and various forms of art, embracing the possibilities of modern computer technology and experimenting with all available means, Visual Vibrations is developing a unique multimodal language and highly personal expression.

“Debet porro Componista esse Poeta, ut non solum norit quantitates terminatorum, sed etiam inventiosus sit thematum. Debet esse ideosus, quodammodo pictor, ut sciat per figuras musicas Rhetoricas hypotyposes, prosopopaeias idealiter elevare amplius, ac res pulchras, vel horridas cantu vivaciter ante oculos audentium proponere.”

– Mauritius Johann Vogt (1669-1730)

In his earlier admonitions, Vogt had encouraged the composer “to be a poet, not only that he recognize the meter of the verse, but that his themes also be inventive. He ought to understand how to further intensify (the composition) imagenatively through the musical-rhetorical figures of hypotyposis and prosopopaeia, and like a painter, place the beautifil or frightful images life-like before the eyes of the listeners through the music.”

Bartel, Dietrich, Musica Poetica, (University of Nebraska Press, 1997), 128.

Milena Đukanović Milena Đukanović, Croatian organist living and studying in Amsterdam since 2001. In May 2005 she obtained bachelor degree at Amsterdam Conservatory in the class of Pieter van Dijk and in August 2009 Master of Music title at Utrecht Conservatory as organ student of Reitze Smits. During Master studies Milena has specialized in contemporary organ music and complex carnatic (south-Indian) rhythms and premiered a number of contemporary pieces. Milena has been playing concert performances in The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and France.
Lies Beijerinck Lies Beijerinck a.k.a. ‘Didge-mother of Holland’ plays didgeridoo since 1993. With her back-ground in classical music (harp & cello) Lies developed her own style busking in the streets. Soon she was discovered by the Amsterdam dance scene and played with DJ Tiësto in front of 25.000 people. Except from playing on all major Amsterdam stages, every summer Lies travels through Europe with the well-known didgeridoo band '3ple-D'. The last years she has been on tours with different bands through Israel & Australia. Lies is known for her powerful percussive style; with her clear harmonics and 3 toots woven into her playing style she definitely belongs to the finest players of the world.
Susanna Heydarian Susanna Heydarian, Swiss painter living in Amsterdam. Through psychology studies Susanna got familiar with C.G.Jung's theories and hermetic philosophy which later inspired her search for connection between art and symbolism of dreams. Her surrealistic paintings have a mystical background expressed through intense colors. Music and music lessons took an important role in her artistic development, therefore Susanna is very inspired to perform with musicians aiming to express the affections of music through intuitive performance painting.

video artists

Alex Zakkas
Alex Zakkas
Jasmin Peco
Jasmin Peco
Darius Heydarian
Darius Heydarian

guest artists

Alexandros Drymonitis, electronics
Jo Emmet, aerial tissue dance
Srđan Ivanović, drums & percussion
Sharon Stewart, piano
Constança Blanc, cello
Vincent Riebeek, dance
Robert Shepherd, sculpture

thanks to

Pastor Andreas H. Wöhle
Evangelisch-Lutherse Gemeente Amsterdam

Steven M. Pieterman for technical implementation
Jos van der Linden for audio recording
Martyn and Joao for fixing the sound
Jules van Velzen for website development

Harmony Of The Spheres

Live performance 9 June 2010
Maarten Luther Kerk, Amsterdam

slideshow 9 June 2010

Between The Tree Rings

Live performance 9 May 2009
Oude Lutherse Kerk, Amsterdam

Tree Of Life

Live performance 15 October 2008
Maarten Luther Kerk, Amsterdam

milena organ pipes susanna susanna


Maarten Luther Kerk
Dintelstraat 134, Amsterdam
Wednesday 9 June 2010

Harmony Of The Spheres is a new concept by Visual Vibrations inspired by ancient philosophical concept that regards proportions in the movements of celestial bodies as a form of music. The original concept is credited to Pythagoras and later explored by Kepler who discovered laws of planetary motion while trying to find the mystical harmony of the celestial spheres.

The performance is conceived as a semi-structured improvisation enriched with spatial electronic effects, circling the sounds in different speeds through a quadraphonic audio set-up, aiming to associate with the motion of the planets and to create an illusion as if audience is listening the ‘celestial music’ from the position of Sun. Except from guest musicians, Sharon Stewart on piano, Srđan Ivanović on percussion and Alexandros Drymonitis on electronics, aerial tissue dancer Jo Emmet is also joining Visual Vibrations performance on 9th of June in MLK.

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